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"The songs are tender and soulful, sad and haunting, jubilant and merry and sometimes flirtatious and erotic."
  -The Boston Globe

"Voice of the Turtle gives new meaning to the word versatility."
  -Union-News, Springfield MA

"...if you enjoy folklore arranged with a lot of taste,...the joy of life and a sense of humor, you will be completely satisfied with a performance of Voice of the Turtle."
  -Ha'Aretz, Jerusalem

"Turtle's concert was thoroughly enjoyable..."
  -The Virginian-Pilot and Ledger Star

"Voice of the Turtle... has designed lively instrumental accompaniments to support the ecstatic melodic arabesques.. this powerfully expressive repertory will leave no one unmoved."
  -The New York Times

"We heard them on two occasions and both performances well merited the prolonged applause of a very appreciative audience."
  -Edinburgh Star

"...the four musicians tooted, blew, plucked...and the capacity audience clapped, whistled and sang tra-la-la...the normally austere atmosphere of the Purcell Room, at the Royal Festival Hall, has echoed to the applause..."
  -The Jewish Chronicle, London

"Pomerantz’s voice is ideal for this form of folk music — a rich baritone capable of broad proclamations, as in the Hebrew blessing over wine and fruit while maintaining the lyrical qualities of more nuanced passages, particularly the Romanian lullaby Durme, durme, or the Balkan love-song Pasharo D’ermozura... Jay Rosenberg and Lisle Kulbach showed remarkable proficiency on a variety of instruments that included ... the ‘ud, guitar, psaltery, violin and flutes, a mere snapshot of the musical traditions represented."

-The Boston Musical Intelligencer

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