About Us

Voice of the Turtle is today a trio of musicians consisting of Lisle Kulbach, Ian Pomerantz, and Jay Rosenberg.  Voice of the Turtle sings and plays the rich repertoire of the Sephardic Jews using traditional instruments such as the 'ud, guitar, violin, and percussion. 

Now in its 35th year, Voice of the Turtle has recorded 12 albums of Sephardic music, toured around the world, and delighted audiences across the United States in live performance, television, and radio.

Voice of the Turtle, sephardic music

Lisle Kulbach

Multi-Instrumentalist Lisle Kulbach brings her many talents to VOT, which she co-founded. She is known for her plaintively beautiful violin playing, versatile kemenje playing, and expressive singing. A winner of the renowned Bodky award, she takes personal and professional interest in preserving and relating the many experiences of the American immigrant community through her music and her teaching. 

Voice of the Turtle, sephardic music

Ian Pomerantz

The powerful bass-baritone voice of Sephardic singer and instrumentalist Ian Pomerantz is the newest addition to VOT.  He is a researcher and a singer specializing in the Judeo-Spanish tradition and is dedicated to preserving the Sephardic oral tradition. He received his B. Mus. from Westminster Choir College, and his M.Mus. from Longy School of Music of Bard College, The Sephardic members of Ian's family originated in the Sephardic community of Romania and immigrated to the United States in the first half of the 20th century. He actively teaches and performs music from both the Jewish and the classical traditions.


Voice of the Turtle, sephardic music

Jay Rosenberg

Jay Rosenberg is a founding member of VOT. His lyrical and sensual talent on classical guitar, and passionate oud work have been widely noted throughout his career. As singer and multi-instrumentalist, he gives an unmistakable voice to Sephardic music on all 12 albums with Voice of the Turtle. He is also a choral conductor and a dedicated teacher of music to children and adults.